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NonStopMatic® paint roller system with integrated paint reservoir and RollMatic® click mechanism.

Especially if you want to paint large areas is the paint roller still the most popular tool.  Nespoli is continuous working to develop painting tools which are solution-oriented in terms of convenience and efficiency.
A perfect example is this the new practical NonStopMatic® paint roller from Nespoli. The integrated refillable paint container holds a capacity of 0.6 liters which are enough to paint 7 to 8 m². The innovative and convenient (comfortable) NonStopMatic® paint roller is clean, easy and quick to use. Frequent bending and scratching as well as paint splashes belong to the past. This paint roller is perfect for painting any smooth and slightly structured surface.
On top of that  the NonStopMatic is equipped with the Nespoli RollMatic® click mechanism. This System allows the user to detach (pull off) the frame and put it back again with just one movement and without getting dirty hands.  Beside this feature the product is completed and packed in our matching Nespoli FreshBox®, which is used to store the roller refill and keeps it fresh.
The SoftTouch paint roller handle fits and can be extended to the Nespoli SystemBlock® telescopic rod without any effort.
Smart solutions, easy life.