Nespoli welcomes new trainees

Once again, Nespoli Germany is very happy to welcome five new trainees, who will start their career at our company.

Fostering and educating young graduates has always been an important aspect of Nespoli´s corporate philosophy, since permanent success is only possible with the know-how of qualified and motivated employees. For this reason, we are very glad, that five young people decided to start their career at Nespoli Deutschland.

A delegation of employees from different departments including our CEO Bert Bergfeld welcomed our new trainees at their first day at Nespoli and gave them the first important information about our company.

For the future, three of them will strike their new path in the trading sector, another one will join our IT department. But also our production facility at Wieseth will increase by a prospective industrial mechanic.

Welcome at Nespoli!

We are happy you are here!