Changing the sleeve of a paint roller is considered a dirty and unpleasant job.. Many are the occasions in which you need to change the sleeve: at the end of the job, during the project in case of a paint color change, or before starting the job on the second day of the project. Dirty hands means leaving prints everywhere...

And what about the roller overnight or during a break? Very often the paint job takes more than one day. The painter does not want to wash out the roller every night for usage the next day. Traditionally professional painters wrap the roller in plastic foil or bag or leave it emerged into the paint. Some even lay the roller in the refrigerator. Various "creative" ideas using plastic bags are available, but nothing really practical, fast and easy.

RollMatic®, invented by Nespoli Group, is a new innovative automatic mechanism which releases the roller from the handle by simply pressing down the handle on the roller! It avoids contact of the hands with the dirty roller and makes your job easy and clean.

The box, that comes with it, allows to store the roller overnight or during a break. With a simple "click-clack" movement the roller can be put into the box.