Nespoli Group receives the “Brico d'Or” award for its latest innovation Nespoli EasyMove® paint tray

The Nespoli Group received the Brico d’Or (translated the "Golden DIY Award") for its latest innovation Nespoli EasyMove®. The Award was given during the Salon BtoB Habitat held in Paris from 5 to 7 June.

BtoB Habitat is the new trade show for DIY, Decoration, Construction and Home improvement. During the first edition held in June 2018, many national and international retailers expanded their network over a period of 3 days in Paris. Exhibited products covered the following sectors: Today’s most contemporary DIY, Decoration, Construction and interior fittings. It is unique for its new trade show concept: Efficient and friendly atmosphere throughout the event (original ideas for buyers to discover new products). A unique App provides open access allowing buyers to remain connected to our online stand year-round. The show hosts also the buyer's market conference and the Gold DIY Award.

One of the Nespoli Group products was selected for the Brico D’Or Award amongst 35 other cool DIY products. The jury was made of 10 buyers and journalist of the industry. Nespoli Group strives to support consumers, professional and do-it-yourself, in the realization of their paint, construction and maintenance projects, with quality tools and accessories that are efficient, comfortable and respecting the environment.  Every year, the group invests about 2% of its revenues in research and development and thanks to this philosophy, the group brought to market innovations that have become an icon in the industry.
The Brico d’Or Award was given for its latest innovation Nespoli EasyMove®. Nespoli EasyMove® is a tray to poor paint and capable to hold the paint in any position, even if turned upside down. The paint can be picked-up by a paint brush or mini roller. It keeps enough paint to cover about 2m x 2m.

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